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2022 Estate Viognier

2022 Estate Viognier ("vee-own-yay")

$36.00 Retail Price
$32.40 3-Bottle Wine Club Price (10%)
$28.80 6-Bottle Wine Club Price (20%)

750 ml

Tasting Notes:
For a white wine, this grape produces a lot of glycerol (legs on your glass) during the fermentation process which translates into a full, rich mouthfeel. It is this mouthfeel that coins Viognier as the "white wine for red wine drinkers." Side note: When you see the legs of a wine coating your glass you know they are also coating your mouth. The glycerol is taking all the flavors the vintner worked so hard to highlight and wrapping it around your mouth and giving you a lingering finish. The 2022 Villicana vintage is a little lighter in both body and alcohol, so go ahead and pour another glass!

Blend: 75% Viognier; 25% Picpoul Blanc

Barrel: 100% Stainless Steel


2022 Estate Viognier:


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